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We are the worlds foremost Anti Trojan resource site. We provide cutting edge internet security software to protect your computer from viruses, trojans and worms. We search the planet for the best software, we test each program with our collection of over 4000 trojans and we publish the results in our trojan scanner reviews. Our downloads section has spyware removers, trojan removers, the best antivirus software and the best firewall programs. Click here to go to the Downloads

Quick Tip - Keenval Removal

We have received hundreds of E-mails asking how to remove keenval trojan. Keenval removal is pretty straight forward. You can remove this software using Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Also check out our downloads section for other keenval removal tools.

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Digital Patrol finds 100% of all trojan progams in the wild, i.e. the trojan progams which are really spread over the Internet. Digital Patrol finds and deletes computer viruses in your computer disks and memory. The program has a unique system of "hot" update from the Internet allowing to easily and surely update not only antivirus bases, but also any other program components. Click here to learn more about Digital Patrol and download.